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Target Bavaria Rally

Application Form

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  Application System:  

STEP 1 - Application

Fill in the application form and transfer the application fee in order to be registered for the Rally.

Applications are only considered once the application fee has been received.

We do so, to select the biggest possible variety of car models. If too many identical cars apply, first come first serve rules will ad here. Once admitted, you will quickly get a confirmation of your participation, incl. the entry form and further information.

STEP 2 - Entry

Fill in the entry form and choose your extras (single rooms, superior rooms, support crew accomodation, etc.) in order to confirm your rally participation.

After submitting the entry form, transfer the entry fee and the fees for your chosen extras to the event organizer. 

If you transfer it before December 31st, you will benefit from the early bird discount.

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Fill out the following fields:


What is a Special Guest?

Special guests apply with a special car out of the ordinary (Very seldom or special Vintage cars up to modern super cars). They are not competitors, but follow the rally train, on the same route with the same board and lodging. They can drive through the special stages and over the circuit tracks after the official trials are over without being scored (Places are very limited)


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Transfer the application fee:


!!! Important !!! 

Applications are only considered once the application fee has been received.

Only once the organiser has received the entry form and the fees for the entry including your chosen extras, the conditions of admission are met.

Application Fee: 2.500,00 €

Please send the application fee of 2.500,00 € to the following bank account:


Deutsche Apotheker und Ärztebank München


DE18 3006 0601 0002 0065 70






TBR - "Driver's Name"

Refund of application fee

The application fee will be refunded, if...

1.  ...the application is denied

2. ...the event doesn`t take place

3. ...the applicant cancels his/her application latest to the 31st of March. 

Is the application cancelled by the participant after the 31st of March, the organiser reserves the right to keep it.

A cancellation must be sent to the event organizer in written form.

  Your bank account  

In case of refund:


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Account Holder

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After your application has been accepted, you will receive a confirmation with access to the entry form and further inside information.

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You have completed the first step for participating at

TBR - Target Bavaria Rally!

We have received your application and will check it quickly.

After you have been accepted to the rally you will get a confirmation including the entry form and further information.

Stay tuned!


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