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Companies, directors and the self-employed can all save tax with our ebike lease plans.

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Bike lease = £@bike*.03792*@multiplier per month

You save vs buying = £ @bike*(1-@multiplier*1.16008)

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Bike lease = £@bike*0.03792*@multiplier per month

Lease Term = 24 months

Optional final payment = £@bike*0.25*@multiplier

Net Savings = £@bike*(1-@multiplier*1.16008)

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How to Lease your Bike

1. Choose a bike.

2. Select a lease plan.

3. Get a handover of your bike.

4. Optional final payment to own the bike after the lease.

Next Steps

To proceed with this bike lease just message us via our online chat at https://bikeflex.co.uk/


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