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It is strongly suggested that we have these extra rehearsals each weekday except Wednesday.

Cost breakdown.

How would you like to cover the costs for this event? 

If the organization is covering the cost of the event the fee per student will be as follows:

First 39 Students: $125 each

Students 40+: $110 each

If students are covering their own registration cost their fee will be $150.

Student registration includes their show binder, costume and makeup materials, and a souvenir show shirt.

In addition to the per student fee there is a base fee of $500 required for all Alive On the Road Events. This fee helps to cover some of the additional costs related to equipment use & set design and creation.

Logistics & Travel.

Where is your organization located?

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If you are located more than 30 miles outside of Fredericksburg, VA, travel and lodging arrangements for our team will also have to be considered.

Show Selection.

Which of our original productions would you like your students to prepare and perform?

Show Descriptions:

Moses (Musical)

A dramatic portrayal of the life of Moses from his birth through the giving of the 10 commandments. This major production includes 10 powerful original songs and lots of great opportunities for special effects. Witness epic scenes like the burning bush and the 10 plagues brought to life and combined with unforgettable songs. This show will have performers and audiences alike in awe of the Great I AM.

Joshua (Musical)

A dramatic portrayal of the life of Joshua which picks up with the death of Moses and focuses especially on the conquest of Canaan. The stories of Joshua and Moses, Caleb and Phineas, Rahab the harlot, along with the complaining Israelites weave together to create a truly impactful production that will not be soon forgotten. (Includes 7 original songs)

Ruth (Musical)

A dramatic portrayal of the story of Ruth who chose to follow her mother-in-law, Naomi, and serve the true God of Israel. This crowd favorite features 8 original and memorable songs and a delightful cast of characters and offers drama, humor, and great spiritual lessons.

Esther (Musical)

A dramatic portrayal of the story of Esther and Mordecai and how God used them to spare His people from the evil plotting of Haman. This is one of our most popular shows of all time, and for good reason. The characters are unforgettable, the sets and costumes are elaborate and beautiful, and the 10 original songs cover the full range of emotion. The audience will leave knowing that even when God cannot be seen or heard, He is there, He is good, and He is working all things together. 

His Child and Treasure (Musical)

This unique production tells two powerful stories: the story of 19th century hymn writer, Lina Sandell ("Day by Day," "Children of the Heavenly Father"), and that of a group of modern day high school students who have been tasked with putting on a play about her life. The audience will watch as these young lives are transformed by what they learn about Lina's life and her incredible faith that was forged through a series of tragedies and triumphs. 

Christmas in the ER (Comedy)

An original Christmas comedy that tells the story of three families who, after a series of Christmas mishaps, are forced to spend their Christmas Eve in the waiting room of a small-town hospital. Their experiences will force them, and those they encounter, to see Christmas in a whole new light.

Christmas Surprise (Comedy)

Alive's second original Christmas comedy is also a mystery - at least to some. Imagine what would happen if you came home to surprise your parents for Christmas but the new neighbors thought you were breaking into the house and took matters into their own hands? Find out in this hilarious play featuring unforgettable characters and non-stop hi-jinks.

A Traditional Christmas (Comedy)

When two college students are unable to return home for Christmas they find themselves staying with their history professor and his quirky family. This unexpectedly full house becomes the backdrop for a series of awkward family interactions and a celebration of some favorite Christmas traditions, which are especially intriguing to Chris who has never celebrated Christmas before. This show will have you laughing from beginning to end but also features a compelling Gospel message woven seamlessly into the story. (This show features several musical elements.)

Just a few more details.

Take a moment to review these additional terms of our Alive on the Road agreement.

Ticketing for the Shows:

Even if your organization chooses not to charge for admission to the performances, tickets will still need to be reserved. Our team will handle the ticketing process through our platform. If tickets are sold Alive will keep 20% of the proceeds while the remaining 80% will go to the organization.

Meals for the Students:

Meals will need to be provided for the later evening rehearsals on Thursday and Friday and for show night. The organization can make arrangements for these meals or they can instruct students to bring their dinner with them. Alive will not be responsible for providing meals for these rehearsals.

Support Staff:

Support staff from the organization will be needed for certain critical time slots throughout the week to supervise the students:

- during lunch (Our team will take a 45 minute lunch break each day, which will correspond with the students' assigned lunch time. If the student lunch period is less than 45 minutes they will need to be supervised during that time as our staff will not be available.)

- later evening rehearsals on Thursday and Friday (With our team dedicated to running the rehearsals we will need help with crowd control, meal logistics, etc.)

- the afternoon and night of show day(s) (Our team will be tied up with getting students in costumes, makeup, mics, etc. and will need the help of some support staff to keep an eye on the group.)

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