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Digitization and Automation Maturity

Answers to 9 Quick questions and we will give you a custom report showing how you stack up against your peer group on your Digitization and Automation Maturity

How do you get your production data?

Companies with high Digitization and Automation use sensors to automate data collection from the field

How do you generate your Daily, Weekly and Monthly Reports?

How much time do supervsiors spend entering data into a system?

In mines with high digitizaiton and automation, Supervisors typically spend less than 10 mintues per shift at a computer. Most scheduling is automated (or done on their smart phones), and data collection is automated using sensors. Supervisors in such mines spend more time in the field.

How good is the WiFi or Cellular coverage at your mine?

Mines with high digitization and automation typically have pretty good network coverage -- usually LTE or WiFi networks.

How is data transferred between your planning, production, maintenance and safety systems?

Mines with high digitization and automation use APIs and Enterprise Data Buses

What do you use for each of these use cases?

Scheduling Software

Fleet Management System

Ore, Grade and Quality Control


Mining Equipment

Mines with high digitization and automation use many cloud software and also use autonomous equipment

How supportive is your leadership?

On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being strong support, what is your mine manager and your General Manager's view on Digitization and Automation?

Mines with high digitization and automation have very strong leadership support

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