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Thanks for entrusting us with something as important as your community. If you're interested, here's some more info about the people behind Chord. (Feel free to skip, I talk alot)

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Who we are

We started Chord based on a lot of conversations with some of our closest friends. As Black people navigating spaces that too often felt as if they were designed for anyone but us- gathering communities of like-minded people who shared our cultural heritage has been crucial to our success and sense of belonging. But we believe that the insights we’ve developed from our personal experiences are much more widely applicable than just our context and background. In fact, we think that they can be used to help anyone lay the foundation for building a community that enriches the lives of all people involved.

Where we are

We're located in between Brooklyn & Boston. As current students we move around a lot as class & business require of us.

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How we can help you

Together with this soon-to-be-growing team, we are here to unlock additional value for the members in your community while saving you hours of work per week.

Platform agnostic
Chord helps your members build relationships with one another, making sure your community continues to thrive.
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Chord can help your community manage it's collective expertise and guarantee that member's benefit from it when they're looking for answers.
We've been beneficiaries and leaders of amazing communities for decades.
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